An outdoor clubhouse for dogs and their people, 

brought to you by the makers of BarkBox. 


You and your four-legged friend need a local haunt that isn't just dog-friendly. You need a place that's dog-obsessed.

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After loyally serving millions of dogs around the country since 2012 through our subscription service (BarkBox), e-commerce site (BarkShop), and retail partner network, we know what makes tails wag. We're bringing that knowledge to your backyard. Well, maybe not literally YOUR backyard, but it is a yard in Nashville.

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BarkPark is just that — an ultra-fun dog park that doubles as a hip human hangout for playing, working, and chilling.

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What's in it for you?

Free wifi, comfy seats in the shade galore, inviting modern design, frequent community programming, and restrooms (which can only be so great, ya know?). And did we mention it's BYOB? You should definitely BYO.

What's in it for your dog?

A square block of crisply landscaped green space that's primed for romping, running, and rolling all over, plus on-site grooming services and oodles of comfy spots for them to hang with their favorite person: you!  

Join online and enjoy!

Membership purchase not available at the park.


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